Waardering van Huid Medisch Centrum, locatie Paasheuvelweg - Amsterdam op 12 september 2019

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The communication among the doctors, nurses and receptionists at the clinic isn't good. Because I have these experiences: - Some nurse listened to me well and wrote it down, but it was not communicated correctly to my doctor. - I left some receptionist a message to my doctor, she said it was communicated, but the doctor did not hear it. - I told my doctor what medication I needed, but she gave me something a bit different. I have unsatisfactory towards the clinic, because -My doctor has told me “We do not have enough time to treat two complains at one consultation”, when I had the same symptom on two parts of my body. -When I didn’t like certain aspects of ointments or creams, I told them, but they did not think of or suggested other options, even I asked for it. -When I suggested another medicine I have used before in another clinic, they did not take my suggestion simply because they don't use them in the clinic and they did not explain why. -my doctor is in a hurry and stressed...

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