Waardering van Mauritskliniek Den Haag - Den Haag op 12 augustus 2015

Deze waardering is ouder dan vier jaar en telt niet meer mee voor het gemiddelde cijfer van de zorgaanbieder.

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Gemiddeld cijfer

  • Acne


I had a concern with the skin irritation. So made a first appointment. The doctor said it's dermatitis and prescribed antibiotics. However I didn't take them and the irritation went away in a few days on its own.The 2nd appointment took the place with the doctor's assistant, who recommended to continue taking the same antibiotics to improve skin complexion and some breakouts. When I asked to diagnose my skin, she couldn't reply. I insisted that the doctor would take a look. So the doctor came in, after an examination he said that I shall not take antibiotics but accutane (a very strong drug). After reading about the drug on internet, I have decided that it doesn't worth the risk. I went to another doctor, who successfully treating my skin with a topical cream. Found my experience at Mauritskliniek a waste of time and money, with the risk for my health.

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