Waardering van HSK Maastricht - Maastricht op 14 oktober 2019

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After six sessions, I stopped my treatment at HSK as I did not gain any new insight, nor learnt any new tools to deal with my mental health issues. The sessions varied from bad to mediocre and were ultimately pointless. One of the therapists suggested a switch of therapist in the second session, and the second one suggested to look for other therapeutic options as she too felt that there was no objective gain nor progress from the proposed treatment thus far. And, she agreed she was not able to provide me with productive help. Overall, both therapists seemed inexperienced, albeit one was more professional than the other. They seemed to receive little support from the GZ psychologist in charge, and he was of no help when I reached out to him. The whole experience at HSK was mainly a waste of energy, as well as a waste of time and money. I would not recommend these services to anyone.

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