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Quin Dokters Amsterdam Keizersgracht


Westermarkt 2 1016 DK Amsterdam

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Waardering van Quin Dokters Amsterdam Keizersgracht - Amsterdam op 29 augustus 2019





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I had an appointment at the Westermarkt location and the attention received by the doctor was dreadful. I arrived a few minutes before my appointment and I was waiting at the entrance fro my turn, there were just one person and me. I saw a doctor going in and out of the building, walking around and talking with the receptionist about not work-related topics. I kept waiting for more than 30 minutes thinking my doctor was busy and suddenly the doctor who was just walking around called me. I do not have problems with waiting and I do understand that sometimes is difficult to stick to a schedule because can get buy but was not the case. I entered her office and she was just not paying me attention, she just complain all the time about how warm it was and she keeps puffing and blowing in the meantime I was trying to explain myself. I have asked a few questions and the answer given was "it can be something or anything". I checked the time and I was at her offices for exactly 3 minutes, the time that took her to write a referral letter to the specialist and actually, the medical diagnostic described at the referral is wrong. I felt ignored and mistreated, I do not think that should be the approach when you go to the doctor with concerns and worried about your health. She was extremely disrespectful and really unprofessional.

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