Waardering van Bergman Clinics | Ogen | Amsterdam, AMC - Amsterdam op 31 oktober 2017

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I had a small eye surgery at the clinic. As a patient i feel I have been treated very badly and without any sensitivity. I understand that the "show must go on" but the emotional status of the patient should also be taken into consideration. And mostly the patient has to be treated with respect, not as a piece of meat.

Reactie van/namens Oogkliniek Bergman Clinics | Ogen | Amsterdam, AMC - Amsterdam

We are very sorry to hear about your disappointing experience during your visit at Eyehospital Zonnestraal Amsterdam. We stand for quality and highest care for our patients, but unfortunately you have experienced this differently. Our Complaints Officer invites you to contact her to talk about your experience. You can contact her by e-mail: klachtenfunctionaris@oogziekenhuiszonnestraal.nl
Sincerely, team Eyehospital Amsterdam

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