Waardering van Libra Coaching en Counseling - Heerhugowaard op 16 november 2016

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Marlene van Lier has been our doctor for years. She miraclelously cured my son from severe and repetitive sinus problems five years ago. The way she handles us as patients and helps us with our problems is unique and special. She is a very attentive and sensitive doctor. A fantastic coach and psychologist. Capable of communication on several different levels. Marlene has fantastic skills of getting to the core of the issue, whether it is a physical health problem or psychological issue or search. Beautiful mixture of solid skills and academic knowledge combined with intuitive understanding, deep connection to her inner wisdom and empathy. All this in one person. Being helped / treated / advised by Marlene is one of the best ways of taking good care of yourself. I am happy and grateful for having met this great coach and doctor on my path. List of my benefits would be long, but generally it is so important to see a psychologist, coach and a doctor really caring about me and my child and really knowing what to do to help.

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