Waardering over Schouten, C., Ziekenhuis Rijnstate Arnhem - Arnhem op 2 juli 2019

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Dr. Schouten is not only a highly-skilled surgeon but also an incredibly warm, attentive and empathetic person. She performed two breast reconstruction surgeries for me after I lost my right breast to cancer and I fully credit her with giving me my body back -- and with it, my confidence in a healthy future. I am so impressed with her as a doctor that I even followed her like a groupie following their favorite band. I live in North Brabant and my first surgery with Dr. Schouten was in Eindhoven. When she moved to Rijnstate, I didn't think twice -- I knew I wanted her to perform the last step in this 3-year-long process. Her skill and conscientiousness were worth any inconvenience I might have had traveling an hour away from my home. In short, I recommend her highly!

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geplaatst op 3 juli 2019

Dear madam,

Thank you for your review. It’s good to hear that you’re satisfied with the treatment of Dr. Schouten. We will send this to her.

Best regards,
Department of Communications

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